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HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings
HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings
HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings

HurriK9 Ring Launcher + 3 Standard Rings

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Standard rings are lighter rings and can fly up to 100ft. HurriK9 rings are NOT chew or pull toys. If your dog likes to chew up toys we recommend purchasing the set with the stronger spandex rings.  They do not fly as far but are 3x as strong as the standard rings. 

1 - HurriK9 Ring Launcher
3 - Standard EVA Foam Rings


  • EXERCISES dogs within a few minutes
  • Works INDOORS AND OUTDOORS. The launcher allows you to control how far to shoot the rings.
  • DURABLE RINGS: The EVA foam used is very durable & self-healing in nature. We offer two different types of rings with different levels of durability.
  • NON-TOXIC material that is safe for dogs that has been tested per Children & Dog toys requirements at a 3rd party laboratory
  • It's very EASY & FUN for people of all ages to use.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: From testing the product on hundreds of dogs already, we've seen that around 95% of dogs quickly learn to love the HurriK9 rings. If your dog ends up in the 5% of dogs that simply doesn't want to chase the rings, just contact us at within 7 days of receiving the product and we'll send you a prepaid return label and give you a full refund.
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    kent k.
    United States United States
    Cheap is the first word that comes to mind

    The standards rings are very flimsy and my dog destroyed the three that came with the launcher in short. Launcher construction is also minimal and I can't see it having any kingd of longevity.

    Daniel R.
    United States United States
    Great toy

    My Golden Retriever doesn’t retrieve anything except socks and these rings. From day one, he really took to this toy. Great exercise.

    Lb n.
    United States United States

    Dog loves it, however, just two months ago I bought a new launcher and the bands broke on it already.

    Celtic Outdoor. LLC
    United States United States
    Dog LOVES It!

    This is my second one. My dog ate the first one six months ago. I finally got around to getting another one and when I opened the box…he started bouncing up and down…he knew exactly what it was. I have to put it away; hide it, because he will go for hours chasing these rings.

    Mary H.
    United States United States
    Your Dog NEEDS This Toy!!!

    Out of everything I've purchased for my 2-year old Labrador Retriever, I can't think of anything that has been more valuable than the HurriK9. It provides excellent exercise and bonding for owners and their pets. No batteries, not complicated, sturdy, easy to pack for travel, great on land, great in the water. Whoever thought of and designed this is a genius and knows what makes dogs tick. This single toy will be more valuable to your dog than an entire year's worth of other toys. So, forego all those others, unstuffed and stuffed toys, frisbees, balls (yes, even balls), and every other toy you can think of until you save enough to buy the HurriK9. The price point is ridiculous for the hours and hours of joy you will give your dog. I have always gotten the regular rings because they go airborne and travel significantly farther than the tough, heavier rings. However, if you do have a smaller area or backyard you'll be using it in, I would highly recommend the tough rings. The regular ones can go a long, long ways, especially if the wind picks them up. It will save you frustration when it goes too far (even when you try not to fully launch it). The HurriK9 launcher set comes with everything you need to be set for at least a year of regular use (probably longer) because they now send a replacement rubberband with it. That's just smart business. They didn't used to proactively do that, but they are obviously sensitive to their customer's needs. As of today, I have bought at least 8 of these for me and for gifts. I get nothing but grateful responses, even months later, when they've had a fun day with their dog and used the toy I purchased for them. I know this review is long, but I'm surprised I only saw two reviews done on it at all. Come on, people! Let other dog owners know how much you love this!!! It's important to me bc I know what it's like searching for that perfect toy. This. Is. The. Perfect. Dog. Toy. PERIOD.