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How To Choose Between Classic and Extra Tough Rings:

It completely varies by each individual dog. Our cofounder’s golden retriever is 85lbs and will chew up most toys, but has never chewed up the classic rings, and so she does not need the extra tough version. We’ve tested multiple large dog breeds with similar results. If your dog has a "soft mouth" go with the Classic Rings. If your dog has a "hard mouth" go with the Extra Tough Spandex Covered Rings. Know that the HurriK9 rings are not "chew toys". They are not made to be left out for your dog to idly sit and spend time gnawing and chewing on the rings. So it comes down to judging your dog’s bite strength and overall ability to chew up toys quickly. You can always try the Classic Rings, and if they don’t last as long as you would like, you can always buy the Extra Tough Rings separately at a later time. If maximizing distance is super important to you, than you may want to get the Value Pack with 6 Classic Rings.

What’s The Difference Between The Classic And Extra Tough Rings:

Both are made with Lightweight Durable EVA Foam. Extra Tough Rings are covered in durable spandex fabric made to be over 3x as tough. Classic Rings fly up to 100 Feet while Extra Tough Rings fly up to 65 Feet. You can always buy extra rings sold separately on our website./p>

Do The Rings Last Forever?

Of course not. Just like 99% of all dog toys I’ve ever bought for my dog, if you leave the toy out for the dog to chew on it, they will eventually tear through it. But, the key is to manage your dog’s use of the rings. When you are finished shooting the rings for your dog, pick them up and store them in a place where your dog can’t freely take the rings to chew on it without supervision. If you do this, the rings can last for hundreds of fetches or more.

My dog doesn’t usually chase after tennis balls, do the rings work for most dogs?

John’s dog Fifi is an 8 pound Maltese. She absolutely loves fetching the HurriK9 rings, you’ll see her as the little white dog in the videos. She hardly ever fetched tennis balls or Frisbees. Dogs are born to chase things, it’s instinctual. We think that the rings remind dogs of the flight of a bird, which is why they chase them so consistently.

I don’t have a big yard. Does it work indoors?

Yes. You can easily control how far it goes. At a 20% strength pullback, it only travels about 20 feet. We use it in our small home all the time when the weather’s poor or if Fifi just wants to play.

Where can I play with it?


  1. Indoors
  2. Outdoors
  3. Parks
  4. Beaches
  5. Lakes
  6. Swimming pools
It obviously works best in open areas to enjoy the full 100-foot flight, but you can easily control the distance by shortening the pullback strength.


Does this work for both small and big dogs?

We’ve tested the product on dozens of dogs: small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs. At dog beaches, and rescue centers, and dog parks, we’ve tested shooting the rings for everything from beagles, maltese, golden retrievers, black labs, terriers, yellow labs, pit bulls, muts, Australian shepherds, boxers, and more. We’ve found that almost all dogs respond to the rings and love to chase after them. If you would like a much larger version, see MOONSHOT Launcher.