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About us

The HurriK9 are owned, produced and marketed by Itokan Inc.

The HurriK9 Team:

John Hunter, Co Inventor:

John and Laura Hunter have worked together on toy products since 2002.  Laura was originally a school teacher and tour guide in Copper Canyon Mexico and John was a former rocket scientist, solar airplane inventor and Star Sports Manager.  The HurriK9 is the result of a novel invention by Star Sports.  HurriK9's appeal was confirmed when John tried it with his daughter's dog Amos and Amos went nuts.  Then Laura tried it with her daughter's dog Fifi and Fifi loved it as well.  Both Amos and Fifi are featured in our videos.


Jeff Lieber, Co Founder & Head Of Marketing:

Jeff worked in consulting for almost 4 years before quitting his day job to start his own e-commerce business. He has brought over a dozen products to market successfully, including Parachute Pet Products. Jeff grew up loving dogs thanks to his family’s two golden retrievers, Sassy and Emma. Jeff and John's son Johnny were close friends growing up in San Diego. When Jeff saw the Hurrik9 fly at John's house ,he immediately asked to be a partner to help them bring the product to market and he has worked like a dog to bring this product to the world.


Johnny Hunter, Designer:


Johnny earned his mechanical engineering degree from San Diego State. He helped his Dad in the design of the product as well as market testing the materials to finally arrive at the EVA foam rings. Johnny has also helped his Dad by attending tradeshows and getting customer interest at beaches and parks around San Diego.