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How to use the HurriK9

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Checklist for technique and factors affecting flight distance:

Rings installed in the correct direction? Arrows on both
styles of rings will indicate the direction of flight.

☐ Yellow handle pulled all the way back to the blue? Full draw
length for maximum distance.

☐ 1⁄4 Twist Applied? The yellow pull handle will rotate so that it
is on top of the launcher, your knuckles facing up.

☐ Released in a single quick single motion? Like that of
releasing a slingshot or drawstring from an archery bow, the
release should be just as quick and let go with all fingers at the
same time.

☐ Released while the launcher is almost level with the ground?
Aiming, Launched with only a slight degree of upward angle?
High angle releases will send the ring high and short like a fly
ball in baseball. This can be the most difficult to notice as we
are trying to keep the launcher away from our pets while they
are trying to jump and grab the ring before it has been

☐ Launching into the wind or against it? Headwinds and tail
winds, increased distance launching into a headwind (but not at
a steep upward angle). With decreased distance launching into
a tailwind. Repeatable distance indoors with not wind.