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Replacement Power Bands Set:  4 Latex Bands - Free Shipping

Replacement Power Bands Set: 4 Latex Bands - Free Shipping

$ 10.00

Need A Launcher?


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See video for instructions on repair:


    What are current Hurrik9 users saying?

    My German Shephard Moe, is insanely crazy about this toy, and so is the family! She burns up all her energy and we have fun shooting the launcher. I bought the spandex pack since she’s tough on toys, and the rings have held up perfectly.

    – Amanda R. (German Shepherd)

    My dog stays cooped up in the house for most of the day, so when I get home I try to play with her as much as I can. Being she is and Aussie Shepard she has tons of energy, so the HurriK9 is the perfect toy because she can get a lot of running in without me having to put in too much effort.

    – GameGenie (Australian Shepherd)

    Speaking for my Pitbull Jagger, the Hurrik9 dog toy is fantastic…on a whole other level than the traditional ball or Frisbee he’s used to playing with. He goes bananas when I bring out the launcher from the closet. A few minutes of play with the HurriK9 leaves him completely exhausted and the spandex rings hold up to his bite.

    – Mark N. (Pitbull)

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