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Caring for your HurriK9

The Rings: 

The Hurrik9 standard rings are made of durable EVA foam but as with any material if you let your dog chew on it enough they usually will start to tear.  The rings are definitely not chew toys and should only be used for playing fetch.

If your dog is a chewer and more aggressive with it's toys we recommend going with the tougher Spandex rings. They don't fly as far but will last longer for most dogs. 

For both types of rings we suggest keeping them out of reach when you are not playing with the Hurrik9.

The Launcher:

The main part of launcher is made from very durable plastic and should last for years.

The bands that propel the rings forward are made of latex and as with any type of latex material is subject to drying and cracking over time. By reducing the amount of exposure to heat, humidity and long periods of time in the sun the bands will last longer. 

Also, as with any type of elastic band the more it is used the less elasticity it will have or the more your dog loves to play with the Hurrik9 the less snap the band will have. This is why we've included an extra band with all new sets and we also sell a set of extra bands and muffler on our website.

Storage: Ideal place to store your Hurrik9 is inside your house (not in the garage).