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Do you exercise and play with your dog at least once per day? If you are a busy person like most people, you may not get around to it every day. But your dog deserves a happier, healthier, longer life, and daily exercise is critical to achieving that. 

Meet the world's first gravity defying ring launching fetch toy for dogs that launches up to 100 feet! In just minutes, after a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field! And it’s fun for both you and your dog.

HurriK9 Benefits:

  • EXERCISES dogs within a few minutes
  • FLIES up to 100 feet!
  • Comes with MULTIPLE RINGS which works great even for dogs that aren't great retrievers
  • Works INDOORS AND OUTDOORS as you can control the distance of the shot by varying how far you pull back the launcher.
  • DURABLE RINGS: The EVA foam used is very durable & self-healing in nature & similar to the material used in Crocs shoes. We offer two different types of rings with different levels of durability.
  • NON-TOXIC material that is safe for dogs that has been tested per Children & Dog toys requirements at a 3rd party labratory
  • It's very EASY & FUN to launch for dog owners, and does not hurt the shoulder or arm in long usages. Easy for people of all ages to use.
  • SPECTACULAR KICKSTARTER LAUNCH: 100% Funded on the first day & over 600% funded overall.

How To Launch Your HurriK9 Rings

Which HurriK9 Ring Type is Right for Your Dog?

Differences Between Classic And Extra Tough Rings:

  • Both made with Lightweight Durable EVA Foam
  • Classic Rings fly up to 100 Feet
  • Extra Tough Rings fly up to 65 Feet
  • Extra Tough Rings are professionally covered in durable spandex fabric made to be over 3x as tough
  • You can always buy extra rings sold separately on our website

Most dogs love chasing the HurriK9 rings, but about 5-10% of dogs do not have a fetch instinct. If your dog will chase a tennis ball or Frisbee the odds are it will love the HurriK9 even more and we recommend it for you and your pet.

On the other hand if your dog has no fetch instinct then the HurriK9 may not be suitable and we do not recommend it.

How To Choose Between Classic and Extra Tough Rings:

  • It completely varies by each individual dog. Our co-founder’s golden retriever is 85lbs and will chew up most toys, but has never been able to chew up the classic rings, and so she does not need the extra tough version. We’ve tested multiple large dog breeds with similar results.
  • Know that the HurriK9 rings are not "chew toys". They are not made to be left out for your dog to idly sit and spend time gnawing and chewing on the rings.
  • So it comes down to judging your dog’s bite strength and overall ability to chew up toys quickly. You can always try the Classic Rings, and if they don’t last as long as you would like, you can always buy the Extra Tough Rings separately at a later time. If maximizing distance is super important to you, than you may want to get the Value Pack with 6 Classic Rings.

Ring Durability:

We have made every effort to make the Classic rings very durable while still flying up to 100 feet.  The Level 2 extra tough rings are 4 times tougher and still fly up to 65 feet.  We recommend HurriK9 for dogs that retrieve but after you have exercised your dog, please take the HurriK9 and the rings inside so that they are not chewed or gnawed.  This will prolong the ring life and provide many happy moments for you and your pet.

What Dog Owners have to say
about the HurriK9


In just minutes, after a couple of ring launches, your dog has run over the length of a football field! And it’s fun for both you and your dog. Slobbery tennis balls are boring and no human or dog actually wants to catch a hard frisbee with their teeth. Plus it goes easy on your shoulders too. 

Even Dog Trainers Love
the HurriK9