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How To Launch Your HurriK9 Rings

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 Written Instructions:

  1. Place the ring on the foam pusher with the harder thicker edge facing forward. The HurriK9 letters on the ring should be readable facing toward you when you are launching the HurriK9 launcher.
  2. Hold the blue handle with your left hand and the yellow “U-shaped” puller with your right. (Reverse this if you are left handed)
  3. Pull back the puller and twist it about a ¼ counterclockwise turn to provide the spin, and let go to shoot! Pulling it back all the way to the handle will maximize distance. We usually aim slightly above horizontal for maximum hang time and distance.
  4. Take the ring out of their mouth when not used. Do not yank the ring out of the dog’s mouth. If the dog will not drop it, one trick is to shoot another ring and the dog should drop it.
  5. When finished playing, put the launcher and rings in a safe place out of reach of the dog. Do not let the dog idly chew on the ring. Rings can be cleaned off easily if so desired.

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