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PART:  Muffler ONLY - White - Foam Bumper Cushion

PART: Muffler ONLY - White - Foam Bumper Cushion

$ 4.00

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    What are current Hurrik9 users saying?

    The Hurrik9 is the best dog toy ever. My black lab has endless energy and this is finally a dog toy that wears him out and keeps him from destroying the house. Not to mention it’s fun for us humans too. I have used the regular rings and they have worked well for my dog.

    – Johanna B. (Black Lab)

    I am 63 years old, and even I can shoot these rings! I couldn’t believe it since I can’t throw tennis balls anymore, but this toy is great. My crazy cocker spaniel Daisy has tested and approved the Hurrik9!

    – Dolores C. (Cocker Spaniel)

    Wow! My dog absolutely loves this thing and she was tired within 20 minutes. The popping sound really catches her attention and she starts freaking out whenever I bring it out. The rings have survived 3 sessions so far and seem pretty durable. I’m used to toys breaking down after a few uses, but not the HurriK9!

    – Dave C. (Golden Retriever)

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